3 Essentials For A Highly Creative Workplace

This topic breaks down a little bit into the duality of nature and nurture. You can have the most creative office in the world, but without the right people you won’t be getting the ideas you’re really after. At the same time, you can have all of best creatives in your industry under one roof and, without the right environment, still no creative sparks will fly.

Today we wanted to spend a little time identifying the best, and easiest, ways to promote  creativity in your workspace.


Rule #1 – Design a space where people can’t help but run in to each other.

All businesses tend to segregate their departments assuming that the best ideas for marketing will come from within the marketing department and the best ideas for accounting will come from within the accounting department. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When you get people from different projects and departments running into each other and sharing their thoughts and goals with each other you get multiple perspectives. Disney Pixar studios has their bathrooms in a central location so that every single employee is forced to interact with others who are working of different projects multiple times a day. On a more extremem level 3M is famous for moving their employees around to different projects and even industries within the brand on a regular basis.

Rule #2 – Leave room for personality and personalization.

Encourage each person not just to hold on to their individuality, but to share and spread it like a virus. If everyone on your team contributes to the workplace with their favorite musings and inspirations the overall creative energy will grow exponentially. A great way to do this is by giving your team a canvas that can grow and change as often as needed. Check out Idea paint for an easy and incredibly helpful solution.

Rule #3 – Ergonomics matter.

Here’s a simple and true statement. The more comfortable someone is in their workspace the less distracted they will be. There’s nothing worse than getting the creative flow going and then having to stop because your eyes or strained or your back hurts. Every employee should have an ergonomic chair that is adjustable to their needs. Their computer screen should be eye level so they don’t have to tip their heads and strain their necks and their mouse and keyboards should allow them to rest their wrists and forearms comfortably. Many associate ergonomics with productivity and it definitely factors in, but you should underestimate its power over creativity as well.

If you’re looking for the perfect chair to get the creative juices flowing in your office check out our brand new Venice!


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