3 Ways To Make Your Business More Than Just A Business

There is no lack of competition anywhere in any industry, so how are so many companies making it?  Maybe it’s because there are plenty of people to target or maybe it’s because no one is really paying attention who they are buying from.  Try these tips to make your business more than just the place the customer is buying from that day.

1. Make everything a little easier for your customers.  Everything from finding what they want to waiting in line or paying their bill.  Convenience has a high exchange rate in a world of people who have little to no time to spare.  If it is easier to do business with you than the other guy, the customer will keep coming back, and they might even pay more.  Plan out your busy times to make sure you have enough manpower to help every customer who is going to need it.  Make sure your employees are offering help before they are asked for it.  Even if the customer doesn’t need anything right away, they know that you are available to help them when they do need it.


2. Create a unique experience for your customers.  If you aren’t thinking about it can you tell the difference between shopping at all of the different “marts”?  White tile floors, fluorescent lighting, aisle after isle of products to search through, and employees working on their tasks instead of paying attention to you.  Create an environment that differentiates you from the competitor.  Pick a word that best fits your brand and apply that to the environment that you create.  If it’s “fun” start adding bells and whistles and all sorts of shiny moving things to entertain the customer.  If it is “luxurious” then you should offer luxury in everything from the decorations to the extras that offer the customer.  If your environment is entirely different that the competitors your business will stand out and be remembered as the obvious choice.

3. Give your customers more than your competitors.  This can be as simple as having lower prices or offering them a coupon as they walk in the store.  Extras go a long way when it comes to choosing a place to purchase from.  if you have a similar product and similar prices, what else do you have on your side to tip the scale in your favor?  Well you make things easy for your customers, and you have a great atmosphere, but you need a little bit more for the skeptics who don’t appreciate those things.  Think about free gift wrapping, complimentary coffee, coupon days, free samples, community events, and anything else that might make your customers just a bit more happy about giving you their money.

Keep these three tips in mind the next time you find yourself thinking about why you aren’t beating the pants off of your competitors.  Please share your tips and advice here on our blog or with us on Facebook and Twitter.


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