Finally Understanding “Word Of Mouth” Marketing [Infographic]

In the science world, nothing travels faster than light. In the business world…

Nothing travels faster than word of mouth.

Word of Mouth or WOM marketing has been around since before we knew what marketing was. People love to talk and especially about the things they buy. For as far back as anyone has recorded businesses have grown because people tell their friends about their purchases, the deals they get and the products they love. More recently marketers have been unsure as to the true power of WOM marketing. If you have any doubts, look a the stats below.

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Why Read The Classics?

There are an infinite number of valuable ideas out there just waiting to be found. The bad news, we seem to have forgotten about a lot of them. Reading is a great way to keep your mind sharp and to generate new ideas by learning or revisiting older ones. We came across a great post/video with 5 Reasons Why You Should Read The Classics. The bigger idea behind it all is to see the value in the ideas we may have forgotten about. Click on the image below to see the video with all five reasons.

“Number one, the value of forgotten ideas; some old ideas are not actually outdated.  The entire period that we call the European Renaissance actually consisted of people rediscovering a bunch of ideas from the ancient world and giving them a new application.  So point number one is some of these old ideas are actually valuable.”

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Biology and Creativity

Believe it or not, you don’t have to rely on necessity to drive your innovation. Necessity may force to you to come up with a solution but it doesn’t really bring out your creative side. If you force yourself to come up with a solution based on need and stress you might end up kicking yourself later on when you realize you could have done a lot better.A recent article in Inc. Magazine points out the negative affect that stress has on your creative juices.

“The problem is chemistry. Your body reacts to stress in the same basic way it reacts to a threat. Stress triggers a squirt of cortisol into your neo-cortex (the part of your brain where higher-level thinking occurs). Cortisol triggers the fight or flight mechanism, turning your focus to the problem you’re currently facing.

Think about the last time you felt scared or threatened: Your heart rate spiked, your hands tingled… and all you could focus on was whatever threatened you. Creativity naturally goes out the window when all you can think about is getting through the next few minutes.”

Here’s how to take advantage of biology to harness creativity.

Be generous with compliments and praise - Your praise releases happy chemicals in your employees that make them feel good about themselves. Their confidence plays a key role in their ability to harness their creativity.

Keep it positive – Your employees won’t be able to come up with a creative idea or solution if they are working under the fear of negative consequences. Try to reframe the situation so they are working in a positive environment for positive outcomes instead of trying to prevent the negative ones.

Adopt a few ideas -  Your employees are more likely to give you ideas if they know that you will do something with them. Don’t ask for 100 ideas and ignore all of them.  Try a few out and let your team know that you value their contribution enough to use it as a solution.

Read more at Inc. Magazine

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Pixar’s 5 Secrets Of Success

In a recent Fast Company interview, Oren Jacob gave his thoughts on what has helped Pixar become, well… Pixar. During his tenure at Pixar, Jacob helped the company grow into one of America’s most successful companies (all 12 of Pixar’s full-length feature films to date have been blockbusters!). Here are some of the rules that Pixar likes to live by.

1. When It Sucks, Say So.

2. Defend Your Opinion, Then “Hit Play Quickly.”

3. Look Upstream for the Source of the Problem.

4. Match the Medium to the Message.

5. Hire for Excellence.

Full Article Here.

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Breaking Creativity Out Of The Silos

This is a great video with a lot of great ideas from John Jay. Creativity doesn’t just apply to your creative department or your creative people. Everyone in your company should be stepping out of their silo, because everyone has more valuable ideas and input than you ever hear. John talks about getting the art director to write something out and getting your strategy consultant to give you ideas, but the most important thing he says in this video is to step out of your comfort zone and surround yourself with different cultures.

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