5 Signs of An Incredibly Productive Person

Productive people tend to have something or some things different about them. Everyone else is trying to put their finger on it, that something special that lets those people get more done, have less stress, and usually be better at everything they do.

Well fret no more, we figured it out.

We identified five of the most prominent traits of those productive people. That way you can be productive too. If you’re reading this and you are already productive, read on anyway. You may not have or at least be harnessing these traits.

1. Productive People Work Backwards – After the main goal is identified they break it down into milestones and then tasks needed to get there. This way they can look at it as a manageable project instead of an overwhelming challenge.

2. Productive People Don’t Multi-Task – This is a common misconception. The truth is you can’t do more than one thing at a time, so trying just slows down each task you’re trying to get done. After you prioritize your tasks take them down individually and then watch your to-do list melt away.

3. Productive People Pick Up The Phone – E-mails are meant for quick messages or memos, not conversations. Communication can get jumbled up through e-mail so if you need to actually talk to someone and have a discussion, pick up the phone. Otherwise you’re likely to be fighting off a never-ending thread of confused and frustrating e-mails.

4. Productive People Take Breaks – Try working in 60-90 minute intervals and then taking a break. Over-working yourself can slow you down for the rest of the day or week. Get something done and then take a second to relax and recollect before you move on to your next project. This is the best way to maintain work endurance.

5. Productive People Schedule Their E-mail – You can’t get much done if you check your e-mail every time you you get a notification. Schedule 2-3 times a day to check your e-mail and respond. People don’t actually expect you to be available every second of the day. If they do, re-train them not to.

Find more traits of productive people at Inc.

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