3 Ways To Make Your Business More Than Just A Business

There is no lack of competition anywhere in any industry, so how are so many companies making it?  Maybe it’s because there are plenty of people to target or maybe it’s because no one is really paying attention who they are buying from.  Try these tips to make your business more than just the place the customer is buying from that day.

1. Make everything a little easier for your customers.  Everything from finding what they want to waiting in line or paying their bill.  Convenience has a high exchange rate in a world of people who have little to no time to spare.  If it is easier to do business with you than the other guy, the customer will keep coming back, and they might even pay more.  Plan out your busy times to make sure you have enough manpower to help every customer who is going to need it.  Make sure your employees are offering help before they are asked for it.  Even if the customer doesn’t need anything right away, they know that you are available to help them when they do need it.


2. Create a unique experience for your customers.  If you aren’t thinking about it can you tell the difference between shopping at all of the different “marts”?  White tile floors, fluorescent lighting, aisle after isle of products to search through, and employees working on their tasks instead of paying attention to you.  Create an environment that differentiates you from the competitor.  Pick a word that best fits your brand and apply that to the environment that you create.  If it’s “fun” start adding bells and whistles and all sorts of shiny moving things to entertain the customer.  If it is “luxurious” then you should offer luxury in everything from the decorations to the extras that offer the customer.  If your environment is entirely different that the competitors your business will stand out and be remembered as the obvious choice.

3. Give your customers more than your competitors.  This can be as simple as having lower prices or offering them a coupon as they walk in the store.  Extras go a long way when it comes to choosing a place to purchase from.  if you have a similar product and similar prices, what else do you have on your side to tip the scale in your favor?  Well you make things easy for your customers, and you have a great atmosphere, but you need a little bit more for the skeptics who don’t appreciate those things.  Think about free gift wrapping, complimentary coffee, coupon days, free samples, community events, and anything else that might make your customers just a bit more happy about giving you their money.

Keep these three tips in mind the next time you find yourself thinking about why you aren’t beating the pants off of your competitors.  Please share your tips and advice here on our blog or with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Does Your Workspace Fit Your Brand?

Does your work environment fit your culture? When you walk into work everyday does it feel like your company or just like a place to work? These are all questions that company’s need to be asking on a fairly regular basis. Your workspace should be the “living” version of your brand. Your brand is essentially the personality of your company, so your workspace should share the same personality right?  LUNAR had this same thought and acted on it.

If your ready to bring your brand to life in the form of your workspace check out these three tips.

1. Express Your Voice – Set the stage for by surrounding yourself with the personality and character of your company. Give every aspect of your workspace a purpose.

2. Embody your values – If you value the art of collaboration, design a space that encourages and creates collaboration. If you value individuality, give everyone the opportunity to personalize their own space.

3.Leave room for improvement – Your company and your brand will change over time so set the stage instead of building a set. The difference is the ability to adapt.

More Workspace Design Tips Here.

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Introducing The Venice

Introducing the Venice!

Add a touch of elegance to your office or conference room with our Venice line. The waterfall curves and superior comfort will make any room the executive boardroom.
Choose from either high or medium back as well as armless to suit your needs.

Finding The Perfect Music For Work [Infographic]

Music soothes even the savage beast. It also helps calm us down, focus our minds and to make everything a little more enjoyable. Finding the right music can be a challenge. All jobs have different requirements and different genres of music can help bring out the energy and talent you have in those areas. Check out the infographic below to see which genre is best for your job.

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Productive and Happy Windows For Your Office

There have been countless gizmos and gadgets created to improve productivity in your workspace. It turns out that one of the best ways to make the people working in your office happier, more productive and even more focused may be to change out your window panes. A recent article in Fast Company elaborates on the discovery.

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research in Germany have invented a new type of window that has a special .1-micrometer-thick inorganic coating that is optimized to transmit wavelengths between 450 and 500 nanometers, where the effects of blue light are most pronounced. Blue light is the part of the spectrum which promotes the balance of biorhythm-moderating hormones (and which traditional glass largely blocks). “The coating we’ve developed helps people to feel they can perform better and makes it less likely they will fall ill,” Dr. Jörn Probst says.

You could get more of this mood boosting light by taking a break and going outside, but a study shows that most Americans spend 90% of their time inside. The effects of the blue light can even be felt through a small window in a nearly sunless location.

The patent-pending Uniglas | Vital feel-good glass isn’t on the market yet, and still requires some tinkering. Says researcher Walther Glaubitt: “Up to now we’ve only applied our special coating to the side of the glass facing into the cavity between panes. In future we will also be coating the glazing’s exposed surfaces–in other words, the outside and the inside of the window. That will allow us to achieve around 95 percent light transmissivity at 460 nanometers.”

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The Top 4 Ways To Build An Unforgettable Personal Brand

Brands aren’t just for companies or products. All of the most successful individuals in history put in the time and effort to develop their own personal brand. What is a personal brand really? It’s the common expectation that people have of you. It could be that you’re the life of the party or that you always know the best way to solve any problem. The point is, that people know you as something more than your name. Here are some of the best ways to develop that brand into what you want it to be.

1. Be Unforgettable - People should remember not just that they met you, but all of the important things about you. No one you meat should ever have to say, “What was their name again?”

2. Appearance Matters – Make sure everything about you is on purpose. From the shoes you put on to how you do your hair, every aspect matters to everyone you meet.

3. Communicate Well – People remember conversations much better when they’re good conversations. That means you know how to listen, respond and direct the conversation in a way that balances the value for both parties. This is your chance to make people want to pay attention to you.

4. Stay Ahead Of The Game – Try to stay on top of all the hot trends and news in your industry as well as anything else that would be relevant to your business. Your team and your customers should be able to depend on you to not only be on top of all of the big changes in the industry, but to actually understand them.

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Why You’ve Lost Your Mojo and How To Get It Back

Feel like you’ve lost your spunk? Missing that special something that usually gives you your spark? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. You can’t be at your best all the time or it wouldn’t be your best. The good news is that there are a few usual suspects that can be stopped. Here’s how to identify them and prevent them from getting away with your mojo.

Damaged Ego?

Most leaders have a healthy sense of self-worth. As your company grows you may find it necessary to step back and let others take the limelight. This can leave you feeling personally unfulfilled, aimless, and underutilized.

The Fix: Keep your attention on projects that require you specifically. Let people take full-responsibility for the projects that you aren’t needed for. This way you are constantly being challenged and you don’t ever have to watch things happen without you.

Need to be in control?

On the opposite side of the spectrum sits the leaders who feel like they are doing everything on their own. They need to be in control which brings a tremendous amount of pressure down on them.

The Fix: You need to retrain the rest of your team,  this will take some work. As of right now they let you make all of the difficult decisions and execute on all of the important work. You need to encourage them to step up and you need to control yourself enough to let them be in control.

Read more on Inc.

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This is how you feel once you get your mojo back:


How To Win Every Time

Seth Godin is an international best-selling author and world-renown blogger. He provides insight on an almost daily basis into the world of marketing and the minds of the consumer. Today he posted a simple list of all the things you need to do to truly ensure success and we thought we would share it with all of you.






















For more from Seth, check out “The Importance of Being Curious”

5 Ways To Build Your Dream Team

Everything about business is competitive. That includes recruiting and keeping talent in any industry. Have a great team is one thing that can set you apart from your near-identical competitor and you had better believe that if you have great talent, your competition is after it.

But, before you start worrying about your competitors stealing your talent, you should worry about how happy your team is in the first place. The most talented people in the world never stop looking for opportunities. Here are a few ways to make sure that you maintain your status as the best opportunity with your top talent.

1. Be Transparent - Let them know that you appreciate the talent and skills they bring to the table and listen to what think their role in your company should be. They will appreciate your honesty and they like to know that you are planning on keeping them with you for the long haul.

2. Be Open To New Ideas – Just because this person isn’t interested in the role you had in mind for them doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t play an important role in the future success of your company. Talk to them about where your at and listen to the ideas and solutions that they bring tot he table.

3. Understand Their Talents and Skills - If you give someone a job doing what they love and what they’re best at, they’ll (almost) never leave. Take the time to learn how each member of your team works and identify their greatest strengths. From there you can focus their time on what they’re best at.

4. Fill In The Gaps – As you continue to add to your talent pool you should identify the gaps that need to be filled. If you have someone who’s great at focussing on the internal organization of the company your next hire should be someone who can focus on the external side of things. This gives takes the pressure off whoever is currently handling the situation and lets your new hire focus on what they love.

5. Don’t Disappear – You might be tempted to just let your new dream team handle everything on their own, but don’t. Even though they are great at what they do, they need your support. They need to know you appreciate what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. They also need to know that you’re aware of any frustrations they might have.

If you can do all of these things for your employees they won’t have a reason to look anywhere else. Read more here. 


When people hear the word “design” they immediately think of art. It usually takes a while before anyone realizes that design is a part of everything we do and everything we interact with. The chairs we sit in, the buildings we work in, even the websites we visit, all revolve around design. This TED Talks covers the concept of design simply so we thought we would share it with all of you.

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