Does Your Workspace Fit Your Brand?

Does your work environment fit your culture? When you walk into work everyday does it feel like your company or just like a place to work? These are all questions that company’s need to be asking on a fairly regular basis. Your workspace should be the “living” version of your brand. Your brand is essentially the personality of your company, so your workspace should share the same personality right?  LUNAR had this same thought and acted on it.

If your ready to bring your brand to life in the form of your workspace check out these three tips.

1. Express Your Voice – Set the stage for by surrounding yourself with the personality and character of your company. Give every aspect of your workspace a purpose.

2. Embody your values – If you value the art of collaboration, design a space that encourages and creates collaboration. If you value individuality, give everyone the opportunity to personalize their own space.

3.Leave room for improvement – Your company and your brand will change over time so set the stage instead of building a set. The difference is the ability to adapt.

More Workspace Design Tips Here.

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