5 Tweeters That Deserve Your Attention

If you are looking for brilliant ideas from people who have “been there and done that” you should be on Twitter.  Every business, brand and personality has something to offer to the Twitterverse and it has plenty to offer in return.  If you follow the right people, you can get news, information and entertainment constantly. Who doesn’t want that? Once you get on Twitter should follow these 5 accounts for a valuable and insightful timeline.

1. @DanielPink - Washington, D.C., resident Daniel Pink is a best-selling author and contributing editor atWired magazine. In his latest work, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us(Penguin Group, 2011), Pink analyzes 50 years of behavioral science to gain insight into human motivation and higher performance triggers.

2. @jasonfried - At his Chicago-based Web-apps maker, 37signals, one of Jason Fried’s main goals is to help entrepreneurs and freelancers boost productivity. One of his better known productivity enhancing technologies is Basecamp, collaboration software that connects far-flung co-workers.

3. @Zappos - Tony Hsieh, isn’t just the CEO of the Henderson, Nev.-based online footwear behemoth Zappos.com, he’s arguably made a bigger name for himself soap boxing strong team-building and the power of a vibrant company culture.

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Pixar’s 5 Secrets Of Success

In a recent Fast Company interview, Oren Jacob gave his thoughts on what has helped Pixar become, well… Pixar. During his tenure at Pixar, Jacob helped the company grow into one of America’s most successful companies (all 12 of Pixar’s full-length feature films to date have been blockbusters!). Here are some of the rules that Pixar likes to live by.

1. When It Sucks, Say So.

2. Defend Your Opinion, Then “Hit Play Quickly.”

3. Look Upstream for the Source of the Problem.

4. Match the Medium to the Message.

5. Hire for Excellence.

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30 Second MBA

If you haven’t heard of it, Fast Company has a series of video’s called 30 Second MBA.  These are essentially insight and answer for some of business’ toughest questions from some of business’ top leaders. Check out the Youtube Playlist to see more videos and get answers to some of the questions that may have been pulling at your sleeves.  Share your answer to your favorite question in the comment box below. Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for more great content and discussion!


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